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Foreign Accounts is able to hold Euros and US Dollars on behalf of our customers in our Euro, US Dollars and many more designated currencies which list is highlighted below on behalf of our customers in our respective foreign currency accounts. This facility enables you or your business to eliminate any currency risks by simply getting the best exchange rate for your currency and converting to sterling when the time is right for you.

For e.g. if your business does not hold a US Dollar or Euro account but needs to receive funds from suppliers in these currencies, we can allow your suppliers to credit our US Dollar and Euro accounts on your behalf.

To open a foreign account with us you need to be a registered customer. Click here to download our client registration form and International Money Transfer form. First time customers are required to provide us proof of ID such as a passport, UK bank statement and proof of address such as a utility bill. In the case where funds are coming from an overseas account account, then the bank statement of this remitting bank account along with a proof of overseas address need to be furnished as well.

As the case may be we reserve the right to request for additional supporting materials such as those substantiating the reason for the transaction, source of funds etc as applicable. These conditions have to be strictly complied to proceed with any transaction.

Further in the event of inward remittances into our bank account by third parties (ie the remitter is not the same as the beneficiary), the remitter needs to submit the proof of ID such as passport, bank statement of the remitting bank account, overseas proof of address. This is a mandatory requirement, without which the transaction can not proceed.

When funds are being transferred to our bank account, customers have to stipulate the intended beneficiary’s name (in case of a third party remittance the intended beneficiary is not the remitter), passport no (ie p/p no), date of birth (dob) under reference when such payments are being initiated by the remitter. As such the same captioned narrations should appear in our bank account when the proceeds are being received, with the view of us being able to unambiguously identifying the intended beneficiary.

Prior to any such credits into our bank accounts (both credits originated locally or from overseas) advance notice needs to be given to us. Otherwise it would result in delays, bank charges and in certain cases the remitter may even have to “recall” the payment through their remitting bank (ie as we will not be able to originate a refund from our bank to the remitter’s bank account). We also reserve the right to reject any such requests for inward remittances into our bank accounts.

Inward remittances received into our said foreign currency accounts shall not be under any circumstances dispersed to the beneficiary in the form of cash either in the same currency or any converted currencies. The beneficiary will strictly receive the proceeds only electronically to his nominated bank account.

Due to changes in HM Customs and Excise regulations, if you hold a UK passport and you are coming down to the Branch, then you will be required to bring the original documents with you and we will take copies. If you are a foreign passport holder, you will have to obtain a certified copy of your passport,and bring with you the other original documents required as well as your passport to our Branch. If sending the documents via email, please ensure that you send certified copies.

Prior to the commencement of any transaction, please contact us to obtain a reference number. If you have any queries, please phone us on 020 7183 4197 or 020 7240 1214 to speak to a member of our team, who will be more than happy to assist you.


Please note that we will not change our bank details during the a transaction by e-mail. If any changes are notified by e-mail then please adhere to the under mentioned;

  1. Please do not reply to the e-mail or act on any information contained in it
  2. Your must immediately take steps to contact us in person to obtain confirmation that the change is authorised by us

We can not accept any responsibility if you transfer proceeds into an incorrect bank account.

Prior authorization has to be received from us before you transfer funds into account. If this is not given and funds are sent into our account, the payment will be rejected and you will incur charges