Foreign Money Transfer
Find Us On: specializes in transferring money to any bank account worldwide at highly competitive exchange rates (retail/commercial rates) and at a fixed charge of £9.90. For a transfer of over £10,000 there is no charge.

If you wish to transfer large sums of foreign payments, please open an account with us as you may benefit from getting preferential rates and ensure that your transactions are effortless.

Company/Bank Tariffs for Express / Urgent
transactions below £10,000
Tariffs for Express / Urgent
transactions above £10,000 £ 9.90 Free Of Charge
Barclays £ 25.00 - 40.00 £ 25.00 - 40.00
Natwest £ 30.00 £ 30.00
HSBC £ 17.00 - 30.00 £ 17.00 - 30.00
Lloyds £ 28.00 £ 28.00
Co-operative Bank £ 17.00 - £ 35.00 £ 17.00 - £ 35.00
Santander £ 25.00 £ 25.00
Halifax £ 19.50 £ 19.50
*the above rate comparison information is as of the 16th of May 2013.


  1. Click here to submit your order using our online form OR
  2. Please download our international money transfer form and client registration form complete and forward with the following documents.
    • Copy of your valid ID. However we reserve the right to insist on your passport as applicable.
    • Proof of address, such as utility bill.
    • Bank statement of the customer’s remitting bank where the payment is being originated to our bank account.
    • In the event of a large transaction source of funds need to be demonstrated (i.e property transaction, savings, imports, exports, business transactions, invoice payment), reason for the transaction and proof of where the funds are being remitted.

Due to changes in HM Customs and Excise regulations, if you hold a UK passport and you are coming down to the Branch, then you will be required to bring the original documents with you and we will take copies.

If you are a foreign passport holder, you will have to obtain a certified copy of your passport, and bring with you the other original documents required as well as your passport to our Branch. If you are sending the documents via email or by post, please ensure that you send certified copies.

Payments for Foreign Currency at Branch

  • Multiple or duplicated Foreign Money Transfer orders placed by customers, with the view of arbitraging the exchange rates for their benefit, will be refused at the sole discretion of Best Foreign without disclosing reasons.
  • Please note that we will not change our bank details during the a transaction by e-mail. If any changes are notified by e-mail then please adhere to the under mentioned;

    1. Please do not reply to the e-mail or act on any information contained in it
    2. Your must immediately take steps to contact us in person to obtain confirmation that the change is authorised by us

    We can not accept any responsibility if you transfer proceeds into an incorrect bank account.

  • We reserve the right to ask for more information

    With the view to fullfilling the regulations stipulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the guide lines of best practices by our bankers, we reserve the right to ask for more details regarding the sender, beneficiary, transaction etc.

    Failure to furnish such information within reasonable time may result in delays in the funds reaching the beneficiary or even forfeiter of the proceeds itself by the regulator and/or banker.

    This is due to the tight regulatory regime in force as of now, as we are expected to comply to all the sanctions imposed by the Governments and international regulatory bodies.

  • We only accept electronic payments 'BACS, CHAPS or Faster Payments' Internet bank transfers from your account to our account (N.B. our account details are below) if you are unable to visit our branches

    You can also pay by cash, debit or credit cards at our branches in person.

    Please do not pay cash directly into our account, as there would be an additional charge of 2.00%.

    If any cheques are paid directly into our account, the corresponding order will be treated as null and void. Further no refunds will be initiated by us and you will have to request either a stop payment of the cheque from your bank or make alternate arrangements to recall the proceeds through your bank as applicable.

  • When you make a payment if your bank is offering Faster Payments service, we will receive your payment within 2 hours

Important Notice:

  1. Please note that if you are paying by cash or local credit/debit card at the branch counter there is no charge from us.
  2. Kindly click customer notification for payment terms and necessary supporting documents.
  3. Once you have completed a transaction, no form of refund is permitted.
  4. Our company policy is not to accept Scottish notes. However, we reserve the right to accept Scottish notes at our sole discretion subject to a charge of 3%.

Note: Please be advised that we are governed by the Data Protection Act of 2018, as such the confidentiality of your supporting documents is assured.

We accept the following:

Please note our bank account details:
Account Name: Thomas Exchange Global Ltd
Bank Name: Royal Bank Of Scotland
Bank Branch: London Victoria Branch
Account Number: 00146138
Sort Code: 16-01-09

Please ensure that International Money Transfer Forms are filled in block capital letters with all the correct information. We are not responsible for delays caused by incorrect information given or regulations related to the beneficiary bank. We are not responsible for any charges incurred by the customer from the beneficiary bank.

If you require any further details, please phone us on 020 7183 4197 or 020 7240 1214 to speak to a member of our team, who will be happy to assist you.

Please ensure that you read our Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you read our document regarding International Money Transfers

Please Note: For any currency other than Euros or US Dollars, the exchange rate can be fixed ONLY if funds are received on the same day. Otherwise the rate will apply on the day we receive the funds.

Disclaimer: will honour all "International Money Transfer" orders under usual circumstances.

However under unusual circumstances such as manifest error on exchange rates and our publish fees and charges, unavailability of foreign currency stocks, extreme volatility in exchange rates in the wholesale market etc, reserves the right to decline such "International Money Transfer" orders prior to execution, without any recourse to also reserves the right to request for more supporting documents (KYC materials) and decline any transactions without citing any reasons.

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