Travel Money By Post

Foreign-currency-by-post-through-Royal-Mail-next-day-special-deliveryTravel money delivered anywhere in the UK to your chosen address next day via Royal mail Special Delivery*. offers a fabulous currency delivery service for customers to their door step, by Royal Mail Special Delivery at a charge of £4.90 for every £2,500 worth of currencies purchased.

You can only pay for this service via Internet Banking or Bank Transfer.

Please do not pay cash directly into our account, as there would be an additional charge of 2.00%.

If any cheques are paid directly into our account, the corresponding order will be treated as null and void. Further no refunds will be initiated by us and you will have to request either a stop payment of the cheque from your bank or make alternate arrangements to recall the proceeds through your bank as applicable.

All you have to do is to follow the instructions given below.

  1. Complete our online order form in BLOCK CAPITALS.
  2. We will acknowledge receipt of your order shortly via an e-mail which would constitute your unique order number, amount payable, our bank details, confirmation whether the exchange rate was fixed or not as per your order. If you do not receive this e-mail originated by our automated system within ten minutes, kindly check whether it had been captured by your spam filter or junk mail folder, otherwise please do contact us. Further if any information in our e-mail confirmation appears different to your intended order, please call us immediately within 15 minutes of receipt of same.
  3. In lieu of the stringent anti-money laundering guidelines stipulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), H.M Revenue Customs (HMRC), internal operational procedures and best practices all customers are strictly advised to avail us copies of their identification (ie Passport / full UK plastic photo driving licence or paper driving licence issued prior to 1998 (ID's) (Note: the paper counterpart issued with plastic photo driving licence is now invalid as per DVLA)) and proof of addresses of both their residential and delivery address which should be dated within 3 months from the order date (if different to the residential address), Bank Statement which should be dated within 3 months from the order date (in certain cases as applicable) irrespective of the order amount. Customers can produce such documents either by scanning and e-mailing clearly stating the order number under the subject or faxing on 02072401211 with clear mention of the order number.
  4. Orders placed by companies (legal entities such as sole traders, partnerships, private and public companies, Government organisations) need to strictly adhere by producing proof of incorporation (ie certificate of registration, partnership agreement), Directorship, nomination by the company for authorised personal to act for the transaction, payment confirmation, proof of address. If the delivery address differs from the trading address of the legal entity, then submission of separate proof of address which should be dated within 3 months from the order date is mandatory. Such terms shall strictly apply to all orders irrespective of order amounts.
  5. Without the submission of the aforesaid valid supporting documents, the order shall NOT be processed under any circumstances. Further you would be required to “RECALL” the proceeds you credited to our bank account through your bank, since we WILL NOT be able to initiate a REFUND through our bank, due to compliance restrictions.
  6. If you agree to process this order please ensure that you make a BACS, CHAPS or FASTER PAYMENTSpayment into our account, with mention of your order number under reference. (Ignoring any spaces and/or symbols if there is limited spacing)
  7. Mention of the order number is a strict necessity, without which the processing of your order will get postponed by at least 2 - 3 business days.
  8. We will be processing your currency order, once we receive the funds and the valid supporting documents both clearly stating the order number.
  9. A confirmation e-mail with a Tracking number will be issued between 6pm and 7pm once we dispatch your Order via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Faster Payments Next Working Day Delivery

Royal-Mail Faster-Payments


  • If your bank is offering FASTER PAYMENTS service, we advice you to check with your bank with regards to the maximum amount permitted under FASTER PAYMENTS services.
  • This permitted amount may differ from bank to bank. Example HSBC, Barclays, Royal Bank Of Scotland, First Direct, NatWest provide FASTER PAYMENTS services up to £10,000 within 2 hours. Certain other banks may offer FASTER PAYMENTS services for smaller amounts within the same day.
Click here to see if your bank is offering Faster Payments Service
  • If your bank is not offering FASTER PAYMENTS service, it may take up to 3 working days for us to receive your payment.
  • We have observed that the order number does not appear at our end for those payments initiated from the Corporative Bank or the Smile Bank even though the customers have captioned it under reference. Therefore such customers are advises to forward us an email (ie. or as applicable) constituting their order number, name of the payee bank, sort code and account number.
  • If the payment is received by CHAPS or FASTER PAYMENTS along with the order number and is realised in our bank account before 9.00am on any business day (Monday through Friday), we will despatch your currency order on the same day for next business day(Monday through Friday) delivery.
  • All payments received by BACS transfers will contain a time stamp placed on it by your bank. Your currency order would get processed on the same day of receipt of payment for next business day (Monday through Friday) delivery, only if the time stamp appears before 9.00am on same day. Otherwise the currency order would get processed the following business day (Monday through Friday).
  • If the payment is received with no mention of your order number, then you would be expected to forward us an email containing details of your order number and particulars of your payment (ie name of bank where payment was initiated, Account Number and sort code). There after we have to verify such payment details with our bank. Until the completion of this verification process your currency order can not be despatched. Hence you should expect delays of at least 2 - 3 business days.
  • Once you have completed a transaction, no form of refunds are permitted.
  • Our company policy is not to accept Scottish notes. However, we reserve the right to accept only Scottish notes at our sole discretion subject to a charge of 5%.

You have the option of fixing the rate on the day you place the order or take the rate on the day we receive the funds.

Please ensure that you read our Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer: will honour all "Travel Money by Post" orders under usual circumstances.

However under unusual circumstances such as manifest error on exchange rates and our publish fees and charges, unavailability of foreign currency stocks, extreme volatility in exchange rates in the wholesale market etc, reserves the right to decline such "Travel Money by Post" orders prior to execution, without any recourse to also reserves the right to request for more supporting documents (KYC materials) and decline any transactions without citing any reasons.


Please note that we will not change our bank details during the a transaction by e-mail. If any changes are notified by e-mail then please adhere to the under mentioned;

  1. Please do not reply to the e-mail or act on any information contained in it
  2. Your must immediately take steps to contact us in person to obtain confirmation that the change is authorised by us

We can not accept any responsibility if you transfer proceeds into an incorrect bank account.

Multiple or duplicated Travel Money by Post orders placed by customers, with the view of arbitraging the exchange rates for their benefit, will be refused at the sole discretion of Best Foreign without disclosing reasons.

Please note our bank account details:
Account Name:
Thomas Exchange Global Ltd
Bank Name:
Royal Bank Of Scotland
Bank Branch:
London Victoria Branch
Account Number:
Sort Code:

Should We Fix The Rate?

Yes (The current exchange rate will apply if the payment & supporting doc's are received within            three working days)
No (The exchange rate will apply on the date that the payment & supporting doc's were received)
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Total Sterling Equivalent:
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