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Best Foreign Exchange privacy policy

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Service Provider

    This section sets out the terms and conditions of Thomas Exchange Global Ltd which is incorporated in England and wales under number 2866549 and having its registered office at 15, Galena Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0LT, will provide you (the customer) with your foreign exchange needs. For the avoidance of doubt, all references to “we” or “us” in these terms and conditions shall be to Thomas Exchange Global Ltd.

    You must not order money for purposes other than those deemed legitimate which comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and your order submission is your confirmation to us that you are not ordering money for illegal purposes.

    We reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason at our discretion.

    By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions, and agree to be bound by them.

  2. Provision of Identification / Information at the Branch

    Customers are expected to provide a suitable form of ID such as a driving licence or Passport or anything acceptable to us when paying by credit/debit card or if the transaction value is more than our thresholds for ID`s. If we feel that the identification is not suitable, we reserve the right to refuse the transaction. We reserve the right to request additional information of where funds have come from when paying by cash, on most occasions proof will have to be provided.

  3. Click & Collect orders

    As part of our services through the Click & Collect Orders you can pre- order currency on our websites and collect (and pay for) it in our stores.

    You can place a Click & Collect order and visit any one of our branches to collect the required foreign currencies. Payments for Click & Collect orders can be made at any one of our branches either by cash, debit or credit cards.

    The Click & Collect Service is valid only for orders submitted and collected on the same day according to the times mentioned in our website. Print the “order confirmation” (if possible) and produce it at the branch on collection, otherwise verbally mention to our cashier that you have placed a Click & Collect order by giving your name.

    Orders not collected before the closing time on the same day will be cancelled.

  4. Buy Back

    When you return back to the UK, you can change back your unused foreign currency purchased through the Travel Money Online service into sterling. We will buy back foreign currency banknotes at the prevailing buy back rate on the day received.

    There is no Commission on the return of foreign currency notes

    We only buy back denominations that we supply.

    We do not buy back coins.

  5. International Money Transfer

    International Money Transfer Sender will be responsible for providing the correct information in relation to the transfer of funds. Please note that the sender accepts that Thomas Exchange Global Ltd does not assume any responsibility for infringements of currency import and/ or export restrictions, if any, in the United Kingdom or any foreign countries. Please keep yourself always informed and updated as to these regulations. Any changes to the original instructions received will incur a fee/administration cost. The Remitter is solely responsible for the accuracy of all the information and instructions relating to the beneficiary of the payment. Thomas Exchange Global Ltd shall not be liable for any delay in effecting or failure effecting payment to the beneficiary resulting from any laws, decrees, orders, charges or regulations purporting to be effective where payment is made. Please note that these funds are from a legitimate source. Customers need to note that transfers done in US Dollars may result in additional charges from the clearing bank. Thomas Exchange Global are unable to take responsibility in delays caused by transfers going via a clearing bank. We are not responsible for charges incurred by any Intermediary bank or any Correspondent bank.

    The late arrival of International Payments

    If any international payment is not received or late in arriving in the beneficiary's account due to the fact that the form has been filled out incorrectly or the correct information was not given at the time of the transaction – we will not be held responsible. Note for a trace to put on the transfer, you will have to pay an administration fee of approximately £30, the trace will not be initiated until payment of the transfer fee is made first. Note that the banks on a 5 – 10 day period for information about the transfer to come back from the beneficiary bank. We can provide you with a SWIFT confirmation on request that will state where and when the funds were sent.

    Payments for International Transfer other than at the counter

    We are unable to accept card details over the phone or online. Therefore payment has to be made by BACS from your account into our RBS account:

    Thomas Exchange Global Ltd
    • Bank Name: Royal Bank of Scotland
    • Branch: London Victoria
    • Account No: 00146138
    • Sort Code: 16-01-09

    In no instance should cash or cheques to be deposited into our account, this will result in the cancellation of your order. Please note that it takes 3-4 working days for us to receive your funds if payment is made by BACS or the same when the payment is made by CHAPS, please ensure that you allow this time. We are not responsible for the late arrival of any funds into our account. You must ensure that your name and the currency or transaction type is stated on the narrative i.e.: JSMITH USD Cash or JSMITH TRF (for International Transfer)

  6. Privacy Policy

    Personal Information

    1. To the extent that we, as data controller, process any of your personal data, the terms set out in our Privacy Policy shall apply to such processing. If there is any conflict between the data protection provisions in these Terms & Conditions and the provisions in our Privacy Policy, the provisions in our Privacy Policy shall prevail. The terms “data controller”, “personal data” and “processing” shall have the meaning given to such terms in Data Protection Legislation, and Data Protection Legislation means the Data Protection Act 2018 and Directive 95/46/EC, any other applicable law or regulation relating to the processing of personal data and to privacy (including the Privacy and Electronic Communications (“EC Directive”) Regulations 2003 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Amendment Regulations 2011 (“E-Privacy Regulations”), as such legislation shall be amended, revised or replaced from time to time, including by operation of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) (and laws implementing or supplementing the GDPR, and laws amending or supplementing the E-Privacy Regulations).
    2. Any personal information (i.e. any information that can be used, directly or indirectly, alone or in combination with any other information to identify an individual including, for example, name, contact details, identification or verification information) about:
      1. you which you or others make available to us pursuant to these terms; and/or;
      2. any other person which you make available to us pursuant to these terms, shall collectively hereafter be referred to as “your Personal Information”.

      You confirm and we acknowledge that, wherever necessary, you have provided valid consent for us to process your Personal Information.

    3. We will:
      1. treat your Personal Information as confidential;
      2. process your Personal Information only to the extent, and in such a manner, as is necessary for us to provide the Services and in accordance with your instructions from time to time;
      3. process your Personal Information in compliance with all applicable laws, enactments, regulations, orders, standards and other similar instruments;
      4. implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your Personal Information against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction, damage, alteration or disclosure; and
      5. take reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of any staff who have access to your Personal Information.
    4. We may use your Personal Information and disclose it to third parties without your consent for any one of the following purposes:
      1. To provide the Services to you in accordance with these terms and to communicate with you in this respect.
        1. To fulfil our legal, regulatory and compliance requirements (including any anti-money laundering and/or counter-terrorist financing obligations).
      2. To carry out searches (including verifying your identity with fraud prevention agencies and/or conducting credit searches with credit reference agencies).
      3. To prevent and detect fraud or other criminal activity and to trace those responsible. We may check what you have told us and share information with fraud prevention agencies. If you give us false or misleading information and/or we suspect fraud or other criminal activity, we will record this and may report the incident to the relevant regulatory authorities. Please note that should fraudulent activity be proven against any customer of our service, it is company policy to prosecute the relevant individual(s) to the full extent of the law.
      4. To enforce our rights under these terms if necessary.
      5. To manage and develop our relationship with you, subject to your explicit consent, we may use your Personal Information to send to you marketing information about services that may be of interest that are offered by us, or by members of the Fexco Group. Each release of marketing material will include the ability to opt out from future marketing information. You may also opt out

        from marketing information at any time by contacting us at the contact details provided in our Privacy Policy.

    We will not be liable for any claim arising from any action or omission by us in respect of your Personal Information, to the extent that such action or omission resulted directly from your instructions.

    You hereby confirm that you have reviewed and accepted our Privacy Policy which sets out a high level how we process your personal information generally.

    By using the Website, you consent to our use of your Personal Information and warrant that all information provided by you (including your Personal Information) is accurate.

  7. Recordings and records

    Thomas Exchange Global Ltd may record telephone conversations and may use these recordings as evidence of orders made, and/or in relation to disputes, as well as for Thomas Exchange Global Ltd `s ongoing quality control and training programme. Thomas Exchange Global Ltd may also maintain a record of all emails sent by or to Thomas Exchange Global Ltd. All such recordings and records will be maintained at Thomas Exchange Global Ltd at its absolute discretion and in accordance with applicable legislation, and are the property of and can be used by Thomas Exchange Global Ltd in the case of a dispute. Thomas Exchange Global Ltd does not guarantee the maintenance of such recordings or records or be able to make them available to customers.

  8. Anti-money laundering/fraud prevention/counter terrorism financing

    We are supervised by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) as an HMRC registered Money Service Business (“MSB”). Consequently we have legal obligations in respect of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing and are obliged to report to the appropriate authorities (e.g. the National Crime Agency) any suspicions and/or high value transactions without further reference. We may decline or cancel any orders, at any stage, which we believe, contravene our obligations under this or any other applicable legislation and/or regulations.

  9. Our Records

    Our records, unless shown to be wrong, will be evidence of your dealings with us in connection with our services. You will not rely on us to comply with your record keeping obligations, although records may be made available to you on request provided it is lawful for us to do.

  10. Your records

    You agree to keep adequate records to demonstrate the nature of orders submitted and the time at which such orders are submitted.

  11. Third Party Rights

    When you place an order for your Currency we are entering a contract with you personally. Nothing in these terms will confer any benefit on any third party or any right to enforce these terms.

  12. Co-operation for proceedings

    If any action or proceeding is brought by or against us in relation to this Agreement or arising out of any act or omission by us required or permitted under this Agreement, you agree to co-operate with us to the fullest extent possible in the defense or prosecution of such action or proceeding.

  13. Disclaimer

    None of the information provided in connection with this service is, nor should it be construed as, financial advice. Neither we, nor any entity we receive information from, are responsible for any investment or other decisions made on the basis of the information provided.

  14. Liability

    We will only be liable to you for the direct losses (e.g. the value of the currency in relation to each contractual transaction) that you incur if we breach of our obligations under these Terms and Conditions. You accept that this is a reasonable pre-estimate of the loss you may suffer resulting from any breach by us of our obligations.

  15. Complaints

    To register a complaint with us, you may contact us in one of the following ways:

    • Mail: Thomas Exchange Global Ltd
      402 Strand
      WC2R 0NE
    • Phone: 0207 240 1214
  16. Governing Law

    Customers are contracted with, & owned by Thomas Exchange Global Ltd, and agree that English Law governs this contract.

    Name & Registered Office:
    Thomas Exchange Global Ltd,
    No.15, Galena Road,
    London W6 0LT